Agrasen Ki Baoli is an underground water storage system mostly designed to dope with seasonal water quality fluctuations. Raja Agrasen, ancestor of the Agrawat clan, is said to have designed this stepwell. This Baoli’s architectural features resemble those of the Late Tughlaq or Lodi dynasty.

Agrasen ki baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli is 60 m north-south along and at ground level is 15 m deep. Constructed of rubble and dressed stones, it is one of Delhi’s finest baolis.

The structure’s main feature is the long flight of steps that lead down to the steep well situated in the north. The steps are flanked by thick walls with sequence of arched comdors on both sides.

Agrasen Baoli

A small mosque with three openings is to the west. Raised on the sides of a solid platform with underfloor dalans. It has a whale-back roof, and four pillared columns of red sandstone carved with chaitya motifs and stucco medallions in spandrels, which makes it a distinct structure.

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