Alai Minar

Alai Minar unfurnished minar named after Alaud-din Khalji (1296-1316 Ad) who doubled the size of the Quwwat-ul-Islam Masjid and began building another minar twice the size of the Qutub Minar. So as to be proportionate with the expanded mosque. But the building of the tower could not be completed because of his death. The tower’s extant height is 24.5 M. It is evident that the architect intended to face with dressed stone or some other better finished material the present rubble masonry core.

Amir Khusru in Tarikh-I-Alai mentions about the intentions of Alaudin Khalji to increase the area of the mosque and construction of another minar.

Alai Darwaza

Alai Darwaza

Described as among Islamic architecture’s most treasured jewels. The Alai-Darwaza, which Alauddin Khalji founded in A.D. 1311, is a gateway that formed the main access to the expanded Quwwat-Ul-Islam Mosque through the southern wall. It is the first building that employs entirely Islamic concepts of Acuate architecture and geometric decoration. It also betrays certain Saljuqian features in the form of its wide and building dome with a central knob pointed horseshoe-shaped arches and squinches. On the underside of the arches the Lotus- bud fringed embellishment.

It’s fine proportions, profuse carvings on the exterior inscriptional bands of white marble in bold characters. Other decorative details in red stone make it an unique structure. In its interior, the geometrical decoration is reminiscent of the delicate ornamentation of Timber.

College & Tomb of Allauddin Khalji

Allauddin Tomb

Previously a college (Madrasa) was the quadrangle surrounded by high walls with rooms along the sides and west entrance. Built by Alauddin Khalji (A.D. 1296 – 1316). His Tomb was perhaps situated in the center of the enclosure’s southern wing to impart conventional instructions. For the first time here in India the idea of a hybrid college and tomb occurs and is influenced by Saljuqian tradition.

Allauddin Tomb

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