Afsarwala Tomb And Mosque

The Afsarwala mosque sits about 91 meters southwest of Humayun’s Tomb’s west gate on an elevated platform. The date of the building of this mosque is not known although it is put between 1560 and 1567 by archaeological evidence.

The building is of local quartzite, dressed in red sandstone. It consists of a single prayer-chamber, somewhat dilapidated, divided into three bays, the main bay that is roofed by a dome borne on squinches. There is a white triangular panel at the inside of the main dome. The main bay opens by a four-centered arch and is wider and higher than the flanking bays, which are also accessed by four oriented arches. The design conforms essentially to the ‘triple iwan’ of Persia.

Afsarwala Mosque

The parapet’s outer angles are lined with pinnacles, and the shouldered dome elevates from a revolving base. Writing in 1947, S.A.A.Naqvi mentions unidentified tombs in the mosque’s courtyard, but these must have been demolished and can no longer be seen.

An unidentified tomb locally known as Afsarwala Tomb is located on the same site as the Afsarwala Mosque. Quotations from the Quran and the number 974 are engraved on one of the marble graves, which presumably corresponds to the date in the Hijra period corresponding to AD 1566-67. The tomb dates back to 1566-67 or even a few years.

Afsarwala Tomb is constructed with local grey quartzite with red sandstone and marble inlay main lines. It consists of one single space, internally cruciform in plan, which is enclosed by a double dome. Outside the tomb there is an octagonal plane: on the sides of the octagon, there are deeply recessed arches with square-headed doors opening into the tomb chamber in the four cardinal directions. The arches ‘ spandrels are adorned with red sandstone round bosses. The outer dome rises from a high octagonal drum and is topped with a red sandstone finished with an inverted lotus finial base.

Asarwala Tomb

The mosque and the tomb are both in memory of an afsar, but it is not known the name of the afsar or officer who designed the houses. The Tomb of Afsarwala has a grave marked on it by the date 974, which corresponds to 1566-67, and around this time the tomb and the mosque were built. according to archaeologists.







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