This grand gateway led to Bu Halima tomb,garden of which the gateway facade is chambered not much is known, and remains of tile work can still be seen. Canopies of ornate domes surmount the northern bastions of the garden wall. In the 19th century the garden’s western wall was breached to allow visitors entry.

Bu-Halima Gateway
Bu Halima Gateway

The 16th Century gateway to the Bu Halima Garden Tomb stands on the eastern side of the enclosure, aligned in axis with the western gate of Humayun’s Tomb Enclosure and Subz burj.

The upper arched opening features sandstone jarokha with beautiful parapet lattice that is supported by decorative sandstone brackets. Remains of the original decoration for the tile work are still on the parapet.

In the past, changes to the plinth were made on the lower level to allow the use of the space as a ticket counter. The additional concrete layers will be removed  based on a careful study. Conservation work is now done and the serious problems of degradation are tackled by carefully removing all the cement and other recent plastered parts on the façade and the interior spaces. All cement lattice screens currently attached to the arched openings will be replaced by hand-made sandstone lattice Screens.

Master craftsmen, using traditional materials, tools and building techniques will undertake conservation works.

Bu Halima’s Tomb and garden

Today, the main entrance to Humayun’s tomb is through Bu Halima’s garden. The garden is simple and well-kept.

Bu-Halima Gardens
Bu Halima Garden

The rectangular enclosure of Halima’s Tomb contains a green garden, neat pathway leading you in and out of it. Another path taking you to the structure on one end which contains the tomb of Bu Halima.

Halima Tomb
Bu Halima’s Tomb

The architecture of this structure dates back to the early Mughal period. The tomb, rectangular in shape, seems to have been built with brightly coloured stones which appear to have faded over time.

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